Disconnect from the rest of the world for a moment to a place for investigating startling secrets.

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By Schwab System

Thirsty to be tested and challenged, the SCHWAB-SYSTEM company wanted to push itself beyond its limits to make the most of its technical construction capabilities as well as the ingenious minds of its team. This has been the origin of the Escape Roof project. But what’s it all about?

For over 70 years our company has provided solutions in the wood construction sector. In 2014, we built our new production factory. The rooftop  has been organized only later, with the purpose of making you discover the universe of SCHWAB-SYSTEM and above all, resolving its mysteries…

On our Rooftop, many secrets are kept and enigmas are revealed.  Solve all the puzzles, answer the questions you are asked…. and maybe you’ll manage to change the course of history.

This intense escape adventure begins already here and now, with the following question: do you think you’re up to the challenge?

Friends, work colleagues or parents, the experienced or the beginner, young, old or retired, confident or unsure… whoever you are, dare to challenge your skills in the ESCAPE ROOF quest to try and maybe solve its mysteries.  But don’t forget…

...the clock is ticking.

The Rooms_

The Alfred Schwab

1940… Alfred Schwab is fired by his passion for woodwork. Unfortunately the Second World War prevents him from developing his business as he would like.

A visionary, he plans to bestow the means to accomplish his vision on the future generations. But beware, the ingenious and wiley man that he is, he won’t give them all the keys to success without challenging them.

In 90 minutes, put yourself in skin of a descendant of Alfred and try to solve the puzzles, hidden in the nooks and crannies of the workshop of this mischievous craftsman. Will you manage to find your way despite all the obstacles? Above all, don’t forget that longevity of his heritage and his values depend on it.

Room 1 : The Alfred Schwab Workshop

Time at disposal: 90 minutes

Difficulty level: high

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The spectators
have never seen
« The End »

The new cinema hall « the Dark Pearl »has opened. The company SCHWAB-SYSTEM, leader in cinema renovations, gave the place a new lease of life.

But it transpires however that since the opening, there has been a persistent problem. Indeed, it seems that none of the film showings have reached their end and that some strange events are happening, without any obvious explanation. Spectators are trapped in the cinema, unable to get out.

Will you have enough courage to attempt the adventure? Will you know how to outwit the evil spirits that hide in the Hidden Pearl? Apparently you only have 60 minutes to get out in time and avoid becoming trapped in this frightening place.

Room 2: The spectators have never seen "The End"

Time at disposal: 60 minutes

Difficulty level: very high

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#3 The Bank

Inspired by the ingenuity of the latest trendy series, a gifted youngster wants to set up the heist of the century, hereby turning fiction into reality.
Highly surveilled, it will not be easy to unravel the important secrets held in “The Bank”. The vault room is even reputed to contain 1001 trickeries…
There is one thing missing for El maestro to officially become a burglary mastermind: a bold and reliable team, whose only mottos are adrenaline and a taste for danger.
Their goal: the jackpot.

[Not available in english]

Room 3: The Bank

Time at disposal: 60 minutes

Difficulty level: very high

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Rates/ Prices_

Price per person


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On sent la passion des créateurs autant pour les Escape que pour leur entreprise qui est au centre de l'histoire dans les deux thématiques.

Les créateurs de ESCAPE OR NOT (Neuchâtel)

Décor professionnel et très authentique, parfait pour se plonger très vite dans l'énigme.


Super manière de donner les indices dans la salle du cinéma, Intrigue et mécanismes ingénieux en bois dans l’atelier d'Alfred.

Nathan, Camille et Ewen

Un vrai plaisir, dans une atmosphère où l’on se sent bien! A faire au plus vite, c'est génial!! Un super moment de plaisir avec une petite dose de stress :)

Nicolas O.

Énigmes stimulantes qui nécessitent d'avoir l'esprit éveillé et vif ! Un régal.


Super 1ère expérience d’un Escape Room en famille. Nous avons exploré l’atelier d’Alfred Schwab avec toute notre énergie. On a adoré! A recommandé absolument. Bonne chance !



How many players can participate?

According to the difficulty level of our rooms and for you confort, we encourage the creation of groups of a minimum of 3 persons up to a maximum of 6 persons. However we also accept groups of 2 and 7 players.

Are the premises and rooms adapted to accommodate persons with reduced mobility?

Yes, you can reach the level by lift.  Also, the rooms have been designed so that everyone can take part.

Are your Escape Games suitable for children and teenagers?

Young people aged 14 years and above can participate in our Escape Rooms unaccompanied. Younger players must be accompanied by at least one adult.

Can pregnant women participate in the Escape Game?

Absolutely! Pregnant women are very welcome.

What languages are available in the Escape Rooms?

The puzzles and clues are in German or French.

How do I book?

Go to the page Booking to see availability on the booking calendar. Fill out the form with your chosen date and time slot. If you are making a last- minute booking or in a time slot that is not available on the “booking calendar” page, please contact us by phone or by using the contact form.

Can I book the rooms outside of opening times?

For this option, please contact us using the contact form which can be found here.

How long does a game take?

Our team will need just a few minutes to give you all the story details. Following this, 60 or 90 minutes respectively are allocated to the « Alfred Schwab Workshop” and to “The spectators have never seen “the End”.  A short debrief will follow your game.

Consider approximately 1h45 to 2h for the « Alfred Schwab Workshop” and 1h15 to 1h45  for “The spectators have never seen “the End”

Do you need to get there beforehand?

No. Players are requested to arrive at the start of their pre-booked time slot.

How much does it cost?

Click here under the tab « rates » to access the price list which varies according to size of group.

What payment methods do you accept?

We prefer cash-free payment methods.

At the centre, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

We don’t accept PostFinance Card.

We can also send you an invoice which needs to be paid in advance.

At the centre, cash payment is also possible.

What should we do if there is a player withdraws or the number of participants changes after the reservation is made?

If there are less people than expected (but on the understanding that the minimum number is at least 3 persons), and if the payment has already been made, you will be reimbursed the amount paid for the absent person if we are notified at least 24 in advance of the pre-reserved game slot. Over this time period, we are unable to give any reimbursement.

If a person joins the adventure, he/she can pay at the centre.

Is it possible to offer vouchers for your escape rooms?

Of course! Let us know how many vouchers you need and we will send them by post or you can collect them in our ESCAPE ROOF directly. Payment on-site or we can also send you an invoice which needs to be paid in advance.
A voucher is valid for one person and a single use, in the room of your choice.

Are your rooms scary?

Not at all!  We have done our very best to make sure you feel a whole range of emotions in our rooms but fear is not one of them. Sensitive souls are very welcome!

Make the adventure more intense_




Company outing, birthday, hen or stag party? Extend the activity in our roomTop, a multipurpose room, equipped with a kitchenette where you can enjoy a drink and friendly time!

Make your team even better and benefit from a debriefing of your game by a professional coach who will follow you via our cameras and will analyse your performance throughout the game!

Price upon request when you fill the reservation form.


Access / Contact_

Parking spaces are exclusively reserved for ESCAPE ROOF in front of the building, motorway side.

  • John Schwab S.A.
  • Platanenstrasse 7
  • CH-3236 Gampelen

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